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Issue 9 Content Guide

They Keep Killing Suzie

Cover Art
Content Guide
Editor’s Note

Breakdown of Episode – They Keep Killing Suzie
Emily Dickinson
Misuse of Retcon by Reece Morris Jones

Christmas Greetings
Quiz Questions

Alice Troughton
Caitlin Blackwood
Sharon Morgan
In Print Comics

Gadgets & Gizmos
They Keep Killing Suzie

They keep Killing Suzie

Fans Fiction
Antje Strauch – Which present should I buy for her?
Spirit of Love  - Sandy Deck
Heaven and Nature Sing – by Echo Fain

The Coffee Shop
Fan Art
Christmas Gifts for the Team
Christmas Gifts for the Team by Kate Mora
Christmas Gifts for the Team by Claudia Lindner
Caption Comp x 2

You, Me and Them  by Caroline Warboys
Fan Vids by Echo Fain
Target Book Doctor Who and the Abominable Snowmen by Simon Mallinson

The Mothership
Updated Banner
Christmas Specials by Jeffrey Zyra
The End of the Eleventh Hour by Mickie Newton

Editor’s Note

A moment to reflect

So much has happened this year, not so much for Torchwood, although there have been an abundance of Torchwood Conventions, or those involving Torchwood actors appearing at Comic Cons, FedCon, Wizard World, Calgary, Arcade Con, Collectormania to name but a few.  We’ve seen and read about our favourite actors of Torchwood appearing and re-appearing in popular shows, but still maintaining that if Torchwood came back, they would be there, at the drop of a hat!

This year also marked 50 years of the iconic mad man in the blue box – Doctor Who, and what an occasion that was.  We were introduced to the man who started the idea, Sydney Newman played by Brian Cox, and the first Doctor played by David Bradley, and what a fantastic performance he gave.  I was crying along with him at the mantelpiece when he said “I don’t want to go!”

For us at the website it’s also been fantastic.  Since launching the website on 17th March this year we haven’t stopped.  From the posting up of one issue, we’re putting together the next almost seamlessly.  We’ve amassed a great many interviews from the world of Torchwood, Who and others with a link to the shows.  We’ve learnt some fascinating things about books and publishing, about what it’s like to be a Dalek operator, to be the Silence, to see our favourite actors immortalised into Simpson characters.  We’ve interviewed roleplayers and Cosplayers, we’ve researched in depth the parts of the episode such as the poetry used in ‘Small Worlds’ and ‘They Keep Killing Suzie’, and ‘Kubla Khan’ from ‘Greeks Bearing Gifts’ and the story of Philoctetes. 
But this is what I love about what we do, we’re not just interested in the actors, we’re interested in every part of the show.  We’re like sponges, like children we ask and we want to know – EVERYTHING!

I’m giving the team Christmas off, although we will still be reviewing the Christmas Special and look forward to your views on the website, Facebook and Twitter.  We’ve got a lot in store for you in this Issue, including a Christmas Quiz.

This month Blogger has thrown up a lot of glitches which has been very frustrating in posting on the site, and we’re still having to iron out a few of them.  The links are still there however.  Uploading finished at half 2 Christmas morning. 

So from me, and all at Project: Torchwood – Dymuniadau gorau ar gyfer y Nadolig a’r Flwyddyn Newydd. (Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year)

Enjoy Issue 9

DJ ~Jack~

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