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Interviews Interview with Robert Stone by DJ Forrest

Interview with Robert Stone

Although Robert Stone only featured for a few fleeting seconds on Torchwood, upon researching I discovered he’d featured in quite a few programmes and films that I’d seen. 

Looking through your website and list of skills and credits you’ve mostly taken on roles of the heavy mob and bouncer, along with the singing miner in a Pot Noodle advert.  Have you played any other roles other than the tough guy?

Robert: Although I look like a big ‘Googlee Mooglee’ some of my other roles have included a short film where I play Adolf Hitler, an Ugly Step Sister in a Sainsburys Christmas Commercial and Brenda on the CBBC show ‘The Slammer’, apparently I can play a drag queen quite well!

When you got the part for the bouncer in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and the Goth in the Everything Changes did you ever expect to land another role within the series, in a separate role? 

Robert: I played a Goth Bouncer in the Everything Changes episode, I’ve never seen it so I don’t know the result. I was used as and when for Torchwood, I remember turning a few episodes down as I was working on other productions at the time.

                                               (Robert in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang)

Obviously to look the part of the heavy, the bouncer, the tough guy, you must obviously work out, how do you keep yourself fit for the roles that you play?

Robert: The requirement for my character would need me to be big and menacing so I visit the gym and work out with weights four or five times a week, work permitting.

What got you into acting, who were your influences?

Robert: My first on screen experience was as background artist in a production called Resnick in 1992, starring Tom Wilkinson, I enjoyed the experience that much it was the trigger that led me to enrolling in drama school.

                                              (Robert in RocknRolla)

I’ve worked with Tom Wilkinson a number of times since, as an actor, one being Guy Ritchies’ RocknRolla and the other, John Landis’ Burke and Hare. I‘m also a great admirer of Johnny Depp and to meet and work with him on Pirates of the Caribbean (On Stranger Tides) was a humbling experience.

What vehicle would you like to own?

Robert: For a new sports car it would be the Lamborghini Veneno, for a classic car would be the 70s Corvette Stingray  but for a little run-a-round would be the Hummer! All paintwork in Red and Black.

Another tough guy in Torchwood, Ross O’Hennessy also appeared as the singing miner in Pot Noodle, are you a fan of Pot Noodle?

Robert: I used to eat Pot Noodle but not anymore as I need to keep my boyish figure! Now I eat Chicken, Fish, Boiled Potatoes and Salads.

Have your acting roles taken you all over the country, what’s the furthest role you’ve taken?

Robert: I’ve filmed here in the UK mostly, I’ve also filmed a movie in Southern Spain which I haven’t seen, although it’s been winning awards at festivals all over the globe, it hasn’t been released as of yet, it’s called ‘The Honey Killer. I went to Los Angeles for the role of the Gaoler in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean - On Stranger Tides’
                                     (Robert as gaoler in Pirates of the Caribbean - On Stranger Tides)

When you’re not acting how do you relax?

Robert: Go to the gym, push weights and do some cage fighting, read books, factual and autobiographical, I’m currently reading the late Norman Wisdoms Autobiography called ‘My Turn who I consider the most talented performer of our time, I also write screenplays and draw. As I’m a graphic artist by trade I also relax by working on my children’s safety project called which is a series of animations to teach kids ages 4-7 about important safety issues, I also want to take the cartoon/puppet characters into schools for the same reason. I also design board games, one being the Beat the Recession Board Game you can see this at So my down time is not so relaxing sometimes.

What was the last movie you saw at the cinema?

Robert: I only go to the cinema when I’m in a movie, I get a thrill watching myself on the big screen, the last one was ‘Best Laid Plans’ starring Stephen Graham and David O’Hara where I play Doyle, a cage fighter.
The one before that was Pirates of the Caribbean where I actually went to Disney, Florida to see. The next one will be Molly Moon - The Incredible Hypnotist where I play Molly’s Bodyguard which will be showing late 2013.

What project are you currently working on and can you share any details with us?

Robert: Not long finished working on a TV series called By Any Means which is now showing on the BBC, I play a character called ‘Cauli, not to give too much away, I end up going to my own funeral, which was very strange as you never get to see your own send off.
I’ve also written a story and screenplay and currently trying to raise finances to make the feature film, it’s called ‘Drags, Blags and Punchbags.

Brief synopsis: ‘Alex Rokinski, an ex-martial arts champion works as a drag artiste in the evening and then races across the city to work as a bouncer at night. His broken family unit, the persecution by his peers and revenge for a friend leads to an unprecedented showdown’.
Trying to raise finances for this movie in this current economic climate I’m finding very hard.

You’ve worked with Eve Myles before, in the series ‘Belonging’ what was your character then and were you involved with Eve’s character at all?  How many episodes were you involved in?

Robert: I played a Polish Bodyguard for the final special episode, although Eve and I were in some of the same scenes there was no direct dialogue with her, I did have time to chat with her between takes and she comes over as a wonderful and intelligent lady.

                                               (Robert in Belonging - Reunion Special)

If you want to find out more about Robert and the films and programmes he’s been involved in and believe me there’s a few, you can find him on:

Thank you for an awesome interview Robert.

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