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Fanvideo Review

Hello.  Doctor Owen Harper, maybe at your service.  Come on in.    

I hope October has been a good month for you.  It's always an interesting time at the Hub.  Sometimes, we get cranks and fakes and have a good laugh about being spooked by rubber masks.  Currently, there's someone running around Cardiff pretending to be a Weevil.  We know it's a fake because of the zip in the back.


So, it's time to do the fanvideo reviews again.  This seems to be my monthly task, above and beyond the call of duty. 

Don't say I didn't warn you.

In the month of October, we covered the Brecon Beacons mission.  What a weird one.  The only good that came out of it was that I got to shag Gwen by the time it was over.  In looking for good videos to share, I came up with some real stinkers.  They didn't even make the list, much less the finalists.

But, let me explain the process first.  In case you're just now joining us.

Fanmade videos are a form of art like paintings, sketches, and fanfiction.  They may be only tributes to a character, a movie, or an episode, but they can also tell a story within the mix of lyrics, dialogue, and imagery.  Sometimes, those stories are time capsules which create a sort of portrait, but there are other fanvids which tell unique stories of their own. 

Each month, starting with September, we have published five videos found on Youtube which either encapsulate the month's featured episode, is a tribute to the team or a character or a relationship, or stand as a sort of video fanfiction.  During the month, we post twelve fanvids to the Project: Torchwood Facebook page (and sometimes to my tumblr dashboard, thoughtfully tagged #project torchwood) and you, as readers, can vote on the ones you think should make the final cut.  Vote on every one of them if you like, no one minds, but please do vote.  If you have comments about the fanvid, have at it---your words are valued.  Well, valued as much as anyone values words around here.

And with that in mind, let's begin.

The top five videos are chosen by a process of vote elimination.  The more votes, the higher each video is rated.  At the end, the team tallies things up and bob's your uncle. 

Video Winners

Torchwood: Countrycide
by StCircus
music: Dying in Your Arms by Trivium

This video is brilliantly done, despite the fuzziness of its format.  The clips have been put together very well and smoothly to tell the story of "Countrycide".  It's well balanced between the two sides of the team as they are thrust into the middle of a true-life horror story.

Torchwood - Better Angels
by catnap332
song: Lesley Gore

With the blur of software issues, you could decide to ignore this video as being mediocre.  Don't make that mistake.  The song is perfectly suited to tell the story of Jack and his place within Torchwood.  Over time, he has formed relationships with the humans of Earth in this secret agency and each one has had an impact on Captain Harkness' own sense of humanity.  The video is a real winner in terms of content and storyline.

Some Nights Torchwood
by bensonliv
song: Fun

A "Children of Earth" based storyline gives this song a whole new sense of meaning for the watcher.  Sony Vegas 9 software has some interesting contrasting tools for the sharpness it gives the images while saving the movement that carries the video forward at the pace of the music itself.  The pathos of the story itself is invoked in new ways, showing the struggle of the Torchwood team; the lyrics are painfully appropriate in places and even though the song and video end on a sharp, unfinished note, the meaning of the story itself is clear.

Torchwood: Countrycide: Janto
by PrInCeSsFBi45
music: It Only Hurts by Default

According to the video's creator, this video has a plot.  In their own words, we find: "After learning about Ianto's Cyberwoman girlfriend kept hidden in the basement, things between the tea boy and Jack have been rather prickly.  However, when Ianto disappears during an investigation out in the "Countrycide", Jack won't stop until he finds him.  Kind of a full fledge circle of action and forgiveness at the end."  I agree with that.  I like the formatting of using the title credits to start the 'episode'.  The imagery is crisp and clear and beautifully combined to tell the entire story while managing to focus on the relationship between Jack and Ianto.  The song is a very good one for this angle of the show.

torchwood uncensored
by binty22home
music: Freeek! (Remastered 2006) by George Michaels

Nine out of ten tea boys will tell you that Captain Jack Harkness is the sexiest man on Earth and, perhaps, in the broader universe.  The votes are still out on that part.  The song here is funky and appropriate for the topic of Jack's many conquests, because let's face it---just because it has a few moments of other people kissing and being sensual with each other, the video is really all about Jack.  You can tell because this thing includes his adventures with the infamous time traveler known as The Doctor. It's a sharp piece of art that adds to the larger body of Torchwood fan-art available for enjoyment on the internet.  It really does deserve the first place in this month's competition.

And that's it for this month's competition.  I'll see you again very soon, I suspect.  You haven't learned anything about unprotected sex yet, I see.  Are you trying to compete with Jack?  Good on you, mate.

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