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Issue 7

Halloween Special!

Front cover
Content’s Guide
Editor’s Note

Robert Shearman
Robert Stone (late posting)
Carole & John Barrowman
I Am Alone production Team
Rhys ap Trefor
Maxine Evans
John R Walker
Gregory Melton

Countrycide Breakdown
Cannibalism – The Dark Side of Humanity

Fan Vid reviews
Exodus Code

Gadgets & Gizmos
(late posting)

Mini Series
Mitchell pt 7

Fans Fiction Halloween Special
Ghost of Halloween – Sandy Deck

The Coffee Shop
Caption comps
Countrycide – Torchwood in the Wild – Claudia Lindner
Dream Cast for Exodus Code – Kate Mora
Fan Art - Kenzie
Favourite Moments from Exodus Code
Favourite moments in Countrycide

Issue 7 Countrycide

The Mothership
Daleks Pt 3 Time War – Present
Who is your favourite Time Lord?
A New Doctor for a New Era – Reece Morris-Jones
6th Doctor – Steve Taylor Bryant
Doctors in Order – Steve Taylor Bryant
Top 11 Who Stories by Simon Mallinson

 Editor’s Note

Happy Halloween!

The witching hour is fast approaching and Joshua is dying to try out his new mask – to be honest it looks nothing different to his usual scare em mask but shan’t tell him.  Last year he came back with a bumper sack of sweets which we, the team later confiscated, we’re sending him out for two bags this year!

It’s been a busy month, with lots of laughs and wonderful interviews, and we have to say diolch yn fawr to Maxine Evans for her contribution to the front page with her Pumpkin. 
Also have to say ‘Thanks’ to Nikki for her cover art this month. 

We have a new section in The Coffee Shop – FanArt and starting the ball off this month is a young lady called Kenzie.  Her work is fantastic and we look forward to more entries from her, and from you guys too.  There are some wonderful pieces of artwork on the internet and we’ll be collecting our favourites over the months to follow, so if you want to enter your artwork into us, usual channels please.

We’ve some fantastic interviews this month and we’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone who gave up their time to talk to us and we look forward to your next projects, be sure to keep in touch.

We’ve had some issues with our Blogger site this month, it really doesn't like Ghosts Of India by Mark Morris, so that (although listed on the cover art) will not be appearing until next month, when we've investigated further into why it won't allow us to post it.  Personally I think Joshua hasn’t helped with his pet gremlin – didn’t start out as a pet, it was more of a hindrance.  So we’ll be looking for some names for the gremlin over time.  My suggestion of Exterminate went down like a lead balloon!

So without much further ado, we bring you Issue 7, Countrycide. 


DJ ~Jack~

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