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The Mothership Daleks Part 2

Daleks Pt 2

In 1972 we saw another change in the Daleks, and thanks to colour television much in the way we saw Genesis of the Daleks with Tom Baker, we were able to view the new Dalek in the way it was intended.  In ‘Day of the Daleks and ‘Frontier in Space we were introduced to the Gold version. This Dalek had definitely been resprayed, even the ray gun had been sprayed gold, and the grill behind the eye stalk, was blue, whereas others were white. And the balls around the skirt were black.
Day of the Daleks was broadcast on 1 – 22 January 1972.  The Director was Paul Bernard, Writer was Louis Marks and Music was by Dudley Simpson.  The Dalek Voices were provided by Oliver Gilbert and Peter Messaline.  Dalek operators were John Scott Martin, Ricky Newby and Murphy Grumbar.
Producer was Barry Letts, Script Editor was Terrance Dicks.  Jon Pertwee was the Doctor with Katy Manning as his wonderful assistant Jo Grant. 

The premise for the episode was that guerrillas from a Dalek-controlled twenty-second century travelled back in time to prevent World War III. 

In Frontier in Space Roger Delgado featured in his last ever appearance as the Master, as he was killed on 18th June 1973 in a car crash in Turkey. 
The episode was broadcast on the 24th February – 31st March 1973, writer was Malcolm Hulke, Directors were Paul Bernard, David Maloney, Script Editor was Terrance Dicks, Incidental music again by Dudley Simpson.  The Doctor again was Jon Pertwee with Jo Grant as his assistant.

The premise for this episode was that the twenty-sixth century, Earth and Draconia were fighting for control of the galaxy...

One of the things I have noticed about these earlier Daleks especially in this episode is that the Doctor towers over them.  Daleks did vary in size, the smallest during the Hartnell period were around 5ft tall then subsequently growing a few inches taller till we see the Daleks in the newer series reaching 6ft in height.  Although Pertwee was 6ft 2.5in it’s clear to see that in this episode alone, it must have either been cramped inside the shells or the operators were smaller in stature.

In 1973 saw the Supreme Council Dalek that featured in Day of the Daleks. 

This Dalek was despatched to Spiridon to represent the Supreme Council of Daleks. 
During the filming of this group of episodes, the Dalek Supreme was a modified prop loaned by Terry Nation, from the 1966 film Daleks Invasion Earth: 2150AD and in place of its eyestalk it held a torch.  It’s lights were also purple that shone on its dome.  It’s skirt was black with gold balls.  The slatted side panels looked as though they’d been haphazardly popped back into place.  For a Supreme Dalek it had definitely seen better days. 
During filming the Dalek Supreme  was a modified prop loaned by Terry Nation, from the 1966 film Daleks Invasion Earth: 2150AD and had a torch stuck in its eyestalk.

In 1974 the Daleks returned again in Death of the Daleks, this time Sarah Jane Smith (Lis Sladen) replacing Jo Grant to became 3rd Doctor’s new companion.  The Silver Warrior Daleks were stranded on the planet Exxilon.  They were silver and black, but a lighter silver to previous Daleks.  The other difference with these Daleks were their dome lights, these were orange and unlike the Supreme Dalek, were much smaller, almost to the original.  The other difference was the ray gun.  On the planet Exxilon, the ray guns were useless and so were adapted and made a lot thinner.

Although now the comment of a sink plunger and an egg whisk were living true to form. 
Again these Daleks were shorter than the Supreme Dalek.  They looked in style and shape to be those of a drone army of Daleks.

In 1979 the Daleks returned for Destiny of the Daleks, where they fought a long and costly war with the Movellans.  Aware this was not a battle they could win, as both sides were robots, a group of Daleks returned to Skaro in search of Davros in the hope he would help them find a way to defeat the Movellans.

These Daleks were similar to those in Genesis of the Daleks, a dark grey shell with black balls around their skirts.  The eye stalk was a much darker blue than previous but the dome lights were white.  The Doctor was the 4th incarnation and his assistants were Romana and K-9 (Leela Ward and David Brierley)
The script editor for this story was Douglas Adams, Producer Graham Williams, Director Ken Grieve, Writer Terry Nation and Incidental music by Dudley Simpson.
It was broadcast on 1st to 22nd September 1979.

There appeared two sets of Daleks in this episode, some containing an oval space between the arm stalks and also above their skirts, around the black slatted strips of their shoulders they also appeared to have been crudely taped as if to hold them together.  Perhaps these Daleks were also part of the Genesis of the Dalek crew, given that Davros’ costume and wheelchair were reprised from that episode also despite being in poor condition.

In 1984 saw the Daleks return with the oval space between their weapon stalks although in some places this looked to have been welded, but the oval design was still evident.  These were the Renegade Daleks and appeared in the Revelation of the Daleks, the Resurrection of the Daleks and the Remembrance of the Daleks.

In Resurrection of the Daleks the Renegade Daleks rescued Davros from a prison ship.  But Davros later betrayed them after raiding a mortuary on Necros in order to breed new Daleks.  A few Renegade Daleks survived.

The Director for Revelation of the Daleks was Graeme Harper, Writer was Eric Saward, Incidental music by Roger Limb.  It was broadcast 23rd – 30th March 1985.  It featured Terry Molloy as Davros with John Scott Martin, Cy Town, Tony Starr and Toby Byrne as Daleks and providing the voices were Royce Mills and Ray Skelton.

In Resurrection of the Daleks, Davros had escaped from his space prison in order to deactivate a Movellan virus stored somewhere in London.

Terry Molloy played Davros. 

It was broadcast 8th – 15th February 1984 and featured the 5th Doctor with Tegan and Turlough.

One of the other interesting notes are the metal mesh that runs around the shoulders of only certain Daleks, as if this may in some way give these ones less or more power over the others. It does look to be somewhat cruder and also runs with the black strip of tape above its skirt (below the weapon stalks) as if again this has been brought back from a previous series/episode.

The Renegade Dalek also had less of a sheen on it’s paintwork, giving the appearance of another drone, another foot soldier as it were.

The black Supreme Renegade Daleks also appeared in Resurrection of the Daleks and led the mission to rescue Davros. 

These were everything the other Daleks were except that they were fully black with grey balls about their skirt and were a lot shinier than their Renegade Daleks featured prior.  The oval disk is still noticeable but has been covered by a sheet of oval riveted metal, perhaps these far superior beings had been upgraded from the previous Daleks.  They still portrayed the silver metal mesh beneath their slatted shoulders too. 

The Necros Dalek only appeared in the Revelation of the Daleks in 1985.  These were Davros’ newly improved Daleks, the ones in which he’d used parts from a raided mortuary in Necros.  They were white and gold coloured.  The oval space between their weapons was much larger than previous Daleks and instead of silver mesh it appeared gold beneath the white painted slats around their shoulders.  There was something far more regal about these Daleks, cleaner perhaps as if Davros was starting again redesigning his creations.  They also appeared far taller than their counterparts. 

One other interesting factor that I came to discover while writing this article was the name of the planet.  Necros – its the name given to the aliens involved in the taking of magic from wizards in the aptly titled ‘Wizards Vs Aliens’ show on CBBC.  Interesting!

The Black Supreme Renegade Dalek featured in Remembrance of the Daleks was in charge of the renegade Daleks.  It’s exterior was clean and black and shiny, it had orange lights on its dome, had silver metal mesh behind its slatted metal strips and had a grey eye stalk. 

The other thing to notice about the Daleks as they developed were the fenders at their base, they were growing less like the bumpers first seen in the episodes featuring Hartnell.

In Remembrance of the Daleks we were to see another change in the Dalek structure.  Still maintaining their original features, there were noticeable changes to even those.  From the dome the lights had risen, looked different to the original, these resembled large screws with a disk of clear Perspex from first glance.  Their eye stalks and eye ball were gold.  The grill around their head was gold.  In fact their weapon stalks and ray gun, the slats around their shoulders and the balls around their skirts were gold. The mesh however had disappeared and the oval welded piece between the weapons took on a shapely diamond or stretched hexagonal shape rather than the smoother oval in previous Daleks.

These Daleks were also the first to hover and fly properly.


Again in Rembrance of the Daleks we saw yet another type this time in the shape of The Special Weapons Dalek.  This was sent in to destroy the Renegade Daleks and had only one weapon.  It had ‘a foreshortened neck and a truncated dome sitting atop a circular row of small square view ports’.  This Dalek featured only briefly in Asylum of the Daleks.  It is equipped with a large energy cannon that is twice as powerful than that of the Dalek weapons.  It is a force to be reckoned with.  In one scene it took out two Daleks in one hit, vaporising them both with a single shot, leaving only scorch marks in the ground.  It has a good deflector shield protecting it against attack by opposing Dalek force.

In the next issue we’ll look at the Daleks from the Time War to the present regarding the 11th Doctor.

Until safe!

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