Thursday, 26 September 2013

Reviews Bay of the Dead by Mark Morris

Torchwood: The Bay of the Dead by Mark Morris

Reviewed by Mickie Newton
Published in 2009 by BBC Books
ISBN 978-1-846-07737-1

This is the 11th book in the series of Torchwood novels and was published in 2009.

What an incredible story. This is a book I just didn’t want to put down. Each chapter was a different scene, different people, and a different terrible situation and each page seeping blood, gore and fear!

Mark Morris has captured the characters individual personalities perfectly. As you read the story you can hear the characters voices in your head, or is that just me? Until we are close to the end of the novel our heroes are separated, due to the vast Zombie attack across Cardiff. Jack with Ianto and Gwen with her beloved Rhys! You also have Andy with his new partner Dawn!

It's a fast paced story that is probably the most gruesome of all the Torchwood novels! And nothing is as you may expect. You have plenty of that gun action, which some fans seem to think didn't exist (just read some reviews for the series Miracle Day) and the innuendo squad is hot on the tails of the Captains coat. He's as naughty and dangerous as he is in the series. And Ianto, poor, poor Ianto and his suits. You need to read to understand. As River Song would say...Spoilers! Rhys is once again the 'unofficial’ member of Torchwood, as ever at Gwen's side. He's heroic and lovely and swinging a nine iron.

And not only has Mark so successfully caught each of the main characters personalities, but he has also successfully captured the fear and tension in every word written. As you read, you can feel people's fear and you genuinely feel for the characters. Not just the team, but all the players of this frightening story, such as Trys and Sarah, who is heavily pregnant. Toby, who is far away from home and is just trying to fit in. Or Sophie who was out having a good time with her mate Kirsty.

So a little word to the wise...don't like blood and gore? Hate being frightened...don't read this book! Otherwise read away. Oh and make sure you have a nine iron may just need it!

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