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Interviews Interview with Lachlan Nieboer

Interview with Lachlan Nieboer

Do you have Scottish heritage? Your name and surname read very Scottish.

Lachlan: Yes I do. Though my surname is actually Dutch, but I am English!

I have only seen your performance as Gray in Torchwood but am aware you have been in other films, as listed on Wiki, so going from that, when we heard your voice, it gave me to think you were indeed American, but wondered if this was your actual accent? 

Lachlan: No, I have a naturally British accent!

Torchwood is an iconic show rather like Doctor Who, what was your reaction when you landed the role?  And how did Russell or Julie approach you for the part?

Lachlan: I was thrilled!  It was my first job out of drama school.  I remember I was almost late for the audition, and had to sprint across central London to get to it on time.  I needed a minute or two to catch my breath when I got there!

Do you get nervous when you go for auditions or are you a confident person?

Lachlan: I am always nervous about auditions, but just do my best

Are you in a new project at the moment and can you tell us anything about it?

Lachlan: I just finished working on an independent film called ‘Brand New-U’, with Director Simon Pummell and Producer Janine Marmot.  It is a psychological thriller involving parallel realities, multiple selves, and exploring the limitations we may find in our lives.  You can see it in 2014!

Do you have any phobias, fears?

Lachlan: Questionnaires haha

When you were growing up what was your favourite tv show of that time, and what do you like to watch now?

Lachlan: I recently watched and really liked ‘Breaking Bad’. I am also a big fan of ‘Homeland’.

How many of the Torchwood or other Cons and Expo’s have you been to?

Lachlan: Oh a few...

What was it like working on the set with James Marsters and the cast of Torchwood?

Lachlan: It was quite a while ago now, but they were good fun to be around

Have you worked behind the cameras, as a director or writer or other behind the scenes role before?

Lachlan: I was Co-Artistic Director of a theatre company for a year shortly after leaving drama school.

If there was ever a possibility of Gray coming back, bearing in mind although he was last in the vaults of the Hub, but given that the way sci fi goes, anything is possible, would you return to play him, if that opportunity arose?

Lachlan: I don’t think that’s going to happen!

What was the last book you read?

Lachlan: Money, by Martin Amis

Questions from the fans:

Sandra Deck In the past he has run the London Marathon for Blind Veterans UK. It was very awesome for me. Does he have any other charities he will raise money for?

Lachlan: Not at the moment!

He played a role in a short film "The House and Everything."  What kind of film was it and can you tell us more about the character James in the film? 

Lachlan: It was a short film some friends of mine were making, and I played a party man!

Bradley Stevens: What is his favourite role and why?

Lachlan: ‘Slater’ in ‘Brand New-U’ – the team I was working with on this project was superb.

Claudia Lindner: What are his current projects?

Lachlan: I’m currently meeting for various projects coming up this year.

Thank you Lachlan for the interview

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