Saturday, 27 July 2013

The Coffee Shop Caption Comp Ghost Machine Series 1

Caption Competition #1

Ghost Machine Series One

What is Owen really thinking?

Kirsty Price: God she's sexy when she argues.

Betty Dee: Owen: "Does she really have to flirt with everyone? Jack is rubbing off on her!"

Josh Gardiner: I am King of the Weevils, I should be having lunch with Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All; but no, Jack wants me to knock on doors!

Katherine Pozarek: Can we finish up here already, so we can go back to my place and we can start something not involving clothes?

Claudia Lindner: "All I was meant to do here was to buy some fish & chips for the team and not listen to that bloody vendor's sad personal history."

Caption Comp #2

What do you think was said to Jack to warrant that reaction?

Thorin Seex: "Oh my god! It’s a girl!"

Toshiko~Mickie:  Jack: Gwen that colour lipstick just is so very wrong! Ed: I think it looks quite nice. But what would I know? makes you look like a slapper! Happy?!

Claudia Lindner: Jack:"What do you mean by 'Ed just regenerated', Gwen?"

Laura McCollom: "I'm afraid that sex and hair straighteners have just been outlawed. Unlucky!"

Carol-Anne Hillman: Ianto's gonna look like him when he grows old? Gross!

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Thanks to everybody for their hilarious comments in this month's competition.  

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