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Interviews Interview with Jonathan Owen

Interview with Jonathan Owen aka Banana Boat

You’ve been in quite a few dramas before you landed the role of Banana Boat, which was the most memorable?

Jonathan: Probably the character Dixie in Svengali. It's the part that I'm probably most well known for.

I was reading on Wiki that you’ve also produced a few films. It must be an awesome feeling when your film makes it to the festivals and wins.  Irvine Welsh is a fantastic writer, not just for Trainspotting, How did the meeting with Irvine Welsh come about?

Jonathan: He was directing a music video back about 12 years ago for a band called 'gene' and he cast me and we became good friends. We've stayed in touch ever since.

When you were cast as Banana Boat were you given any idea what the character was like, were you able to put any part of yourself into the character, and would you have liked to see more of Banana Boat in the series?

Jonathan: No it was fine. I knew it was a one off thing. They let me make him more humorous, the director was great for that and I enjoyed doing it enormously.

Who were your influences when you were growing up, who inspired you to become an actor?

Jonathan: My Paternal Grandfather was a huge film fan and watched all the classics. He loved great old actors like Charles Laughton and it rubbed off on me I suppose and inherited a real love for it.

How many films have you produced yourself and what sort of genre do you work with, or is it varied?

Jonathan: Comedy. I've done two now. I also produced some history documentaries for ITV Wales. My degree is in history and I have a great passion for it.

Are you still involved with the internet series Svengali?

Jonathan: Yes, it's been developed into a film now as well.

I know you’re very much the rugby and football fanatic, who are your favourite teams? Were you very athletic in school, very much the sportsman or were you more interested in your music back then?

Jonathan: Both really. I support Cardiff City and Wales and I played football as a kid and did a bit of boxing. I also loved music. I was always into Mod culture, the music and the way the dressed. They looked fantastic, still do. I was a proper sixties freak in the mid 80s! Which was rather strange looking back but it was just the way I was.

In Torchwood according to Rhys Banana Boat was worried about diabetes, do you ever worry about medical issues like Banana Boat or are you quite chilled?

Jonathan: Haha!! I'm quite chilled.

Can you recount any funny moments while on set during the filming of Banana Boat’s moment with Toshiko – Naoko Mori during the tied up moment on the bed?

Jonathan: Only that it was a bit uncomfortable and you were in there a while but it was fine really. She was great to work with. Really sweet.

If Torchwood came back to Cardiff would you love to reprise your role as Banana Boat?

Jonathan: No, it was a one off thing. I quite like the idea it was of its time.

What projects are you currently working on that we can look out for?

Jonathan: Svengali the film.

Random questions

Who would you have in your zombie apocalypse team and they can be living or fictitious people? List is: Team Leader, Brawler, Weapons Expert, Brains, Medic, Speed Fighter, Mascot, Guy who dies first?

Jonathan: I’d have all my mates from the local club in Methyr.

If you were stranded on a desert island but were allowed to bring three items with you, what would they be?

Jonathan: A solar powered kindle with all my favourite books. Solar powered mp3 with all my favourite music A football

Fans questions

Seren Rock What's his favourite banana joke?

Jonathan: Why do bananas wear suntan lotion? Because they peel.

Molly Lyons LOVE BANANA BOAT!! What was it like working with Eve in Torchwood, and A Bit Of Tom Jones? And what is it like working with the same person on two different shows with different characters?
Jonathan: It was brilliant and easy. She's a terrific actress, great fun and really down to earth.

Claudia Lindner He had some scenes with Naoko, how was it working with her. Is she rather a quiet type like Tosh or totally different?

Jonathan: Really sweet and down to earth. The whole cast were. It was a pleasure to work on it.

Meggy'crazy Icecream Collins "What was your favourite scene and why?"

Jonathan: The scene where I first clock the alien was funny because I'm just an ordinary lad and it was great to do the reaction of someone suddenly seeing a world he couldn't possibly imagine ever existing.

Christine Oswin Liddle How was the scene when your trapped in a sticky web with Naoko

Jonathan: Yeah, it was great. Funny to do. Had a lot of fun that day.

Annika Gabriella Brink What is his dream-role that he would love to do?

Jonathan: I'd like to play Nye Bevan one day. When I'm a bit older perhaps. He's a hero of mine.

Thank you again Jonathan

Jonathan: Been my pleasure! Good luck.

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