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Articles Interview with the Older Ed Morgan

Report on Edwin Morgan
By Toshiko Sato

Assumed Name: Ed Morgan

Full Name: Edwin Morgan

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Age: Approximately 63

Birthday: Unknown

Place of Birth: Wales, United Kingdom

Physical Appearance

Height: 6’0”

Weight: Approximately 16 stone

Body Type: Large

Skin: White

Eyes: hazel

Hair: Grey

Any Other Physical Distinctions: Wears glasses, scruffy, un-kempt, dirty fingernails, smoker

Family Relationships

Mother: Name unknown – presumed dead

Father: Name unknown – presumed dead

Siblings: Unknown

Other Relatives: Unknown

Social Relationships: Is a total recluse. Seemingly suffers from agoraphobia

Martial Status: Single

Spouse: Unknown

Children: Unknown

Friends: Unknown

Allies: None

Enemies: Pretty much anyone

Personal Characteristics

Physical Strengths: None from what we can tell

Physical Weaknesses: Slow moving and unfit, doesn’t seem very mobile

Mental Weaknesses: Was admitted on recommendation on the 3rd December 1989 into a psychiatric hospital (location unknown; possibly Whitchurch Hospital in the North of Cardiff) and was diagnosed as

  • Agoraphobic
  • Claustrophobic
  • Suffering paranoid delusions
  • Diagnosed with severe depression
  • Suicidal (has attempted on a number of occasions)
  • Violent fantasies

Morgan was proscribed 60 mg’s SSRI. There was minor improvements shown and so he was discharged on the 17th January 1990.

Skills: Unknown

Secrecy: Very secretive about his past

Manipulation: Very probably, in order to avoid discovery of past

History: Rapist and killer: Raped and killed Lizzie Lewis on 29th March 1963. Was never found out!

Teenage Years: As his age is unknown, it is possible he may have raped and killed Lizzie Lewis in his late teens. But we cannot be completely certain.

Interviewee:  Edwin Morgan
Interviewer: Toshiko Sato (Jack made me do it. Said I was more calming…apparently)

Observational Notes:

Morgan’s eye’s are all over the place. This man isn’t comfortable in anyway. He can’t seem to keep still; playing with his fingers, shifting in his seat, sweating badly. And he seems very breathless. I’ve requested that Dr Harper be on hand if anything should happen.

Captain Harkness is also close by in case Morgan should turn violent.

How would you describe your life overall Edwin?

“There's nothing wrong with me. Who said there was, was it her?  She's messed in the head that one, was it her?”  Eyes squint in the bright light 

When were you the most afraid Edwin?

Pauses, reluctant to speak, deliberating

What you did to that poor girl, to Lizzie Lewis. Why?

Eyes narrow, face turns twisted and sinister.  “You're all the same. Little bitches!  You think it's all my fault.  You weren't there see, how would you know?" Perspires heavily.  “I wouldn’t have hurt her. They didn’t like me, see, don’t know why.  They prefer to mock me, there’s nothing wrong with me.  They’re soft in the ‘ead. All their mocking, I’m a bad one am I? They taunt me all the time, I’m not like them, I can see beauty where they can’t.  Lizzie Lewis, she’d have been alright if she hadn’t listened to them.  It’s them, they get in your head.  Interfering bitches!  

Do you ever get lonely Edwin?
Scowls  “What sort of question is that?” Turns to Jack. “I’m not answering any more.  Take me home!”

We just want to get an idea about your life. Please answer it Edwin.

What do you bloody think? I’m fine. Just me! It’s better that way. I don’t need anybody else, especially the likes of you nosing around my home, my business. Everyone always asking things that having nothing to do with them see. Nobody will just leave me alone. I want to be left alone. I don’t hurt anyone.

Edwin, you were admitted into Whitchurch Hospital back in 1989. And then you were discharged in 1990. Did any of this help you? How are you feeling now Edwin?

There was nothing wrong with me, but they wouldn’t listen see, have to stick their noses in.

But you’d attempted suicide? You were diagnosed with severe depression.
I shouldn’t have been there.  Nothing wrong with me, it’s in their heads.  Said I was paranoid, you try living in this street, all those eyes, pointing fingers, what did they know, they knew nothing.  Speculating all the time, making assumptions.  Mad she is, her at the end, always making things up, gossip.  Little bitch!
Do you consider yourself secretive Edwin?

None of your business! And even if I was, why would I tell you? I want to go back to my house. You can’t keep me here. I haven’t done anything wrong

You raped and killed Lizzie Lewis!?

Yeah so you say. Show me the proof. That young skinny Doctor of yours says he saw me back in 63! Really?! And you say I’m mad!!

Now let me go home. I’m not answering any more questions. You can’t keep me here. You have no proof I’ve done anything, because I’ve done nothing see. I just want to be left alone.

We just want to ask a few more questions Edwin, and then we’ll take you home.

NO! I want to leave NOW!! LET me OUT of here!! You CAN’T keep me here little bitch!!

End of Interview

End Notes:

I had no choice but to end the interview. I feared Edwin would because violent. He was becoming increasingly agitated, both physically and verbally.

With the help of Dr Harper and Captain Harkness we managed to calm him and we gave Morgan a drink that contained Retcon. Dr Harper and Ianto returned Edwin Morgan home.

In truth we really have gained nothing from this interview. All we have succeeded in doing is backing up all the medical reports about Edwin’s mental state. I am no expert, but unstable would be my thoughts. Is he harmless? Morgan has kept himself to himself for a very long time and so it could be said he’s harmless. But given his reaction today, I may disagree. Like any animal backed into a corner he fights back.

I advice caution when to comes to dealing with Morgan in the future. But as I said, I’m no expert. I shall ask Dr Harper to look over both the interview and my report to draw his own conclusions.

Toshiko Sato


Whitchurch Hospital (Psychiatric Hospital)


Ed Morgan’s mental state: observation of the episode

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