Saturday, 1 June 2013

Reviews Kaleidoscope by Sarah Pinborough

 by Steve Taylor-Bryant

To say it was a pleasure to review this story would be an understatement. I like Sarah Pinborough's writing and she is one of only a handful that really "gets" Torchwood, and possibly the best candidate to write a non Captain Jack piece.

Set after Jack’s disappearance at the end of Season One we find a Torchwood in disarray, with no leader and alien technology issues. The team must keep the rift stable, pick a leader to replace the much missed Captain, and investigate a piece of tech that has given a young man named Danny the perfect life.

This story is very dark in tone and that is a good thing. My favourite Torchwood episodes are the dark ones, the ones full of indecision and complication. Sarah Pinborough starts her tale dark, gets darker, and ends it in a dark place.

As I have said I prefer the darker stories but at the same time it's not too dark for a fan new to Torchwood to pick up and enjoy. Sarah writes interactions incredibly well and parts are very humorous.

All in all a superb part of the Torchwood  family. It's just a shame it's so short.

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