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Interviews Interview with Ross O'Hennessy aka Sgt Johnson

Interview with Ross O’Hennessy

You’re in MERCS can you tell us a little about your role in the film? Are you fighting with or against Ben Loyd-Holmes character?

Ross: Ben and I worked together on a big worldwide tv series called 'Da Vinci's Demons’, we hit it off together from the second we met. I absolutely love the guy...he is funny and we share so many common interests. He asked me to play the role of Cass in his 'film.'...yes that is right Ben has written the film...he is intelligent guy..! My character in the film is one of the 'crew' of Ben's fellow Mercs. I can't give too much away about what happens between Ben's character and mine in the film as it would be a huge spoiler for the film...but in short, Cass is a friend and long term soldier buddy to 'Preach ' (Ben's character). Preach asked Cass to help him on a mission and the friendship gets tested during the story of the film. That is about as much as I can say without giving away a spoiler..!

Having seen you in Episode 3 Day One of Torchwood as an army officer, do you find yourself typecast in these types of roles given your physique and build?

Ross: Physique and build...what do you mean..! I wear a latex body suit to make myself look big.. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Of course....most casting directors only see the muscles. So I naturally play lots of soldiers..gladiators and firemen.

You’ve done a lot of theatre work, which production has been your most memorable to date?

Ross: I was very lucky when I left drama school, I was cast in a play with Lauren Bacall. I had a small part in a play in Chichester called ' The Visit’, Chichester Festival Theatre is famed for bringing big Hollywood names to the UK for stage work. Ms Bacall is a legend in the film world and as a young 21 year old actor I was star struck. That was one of my most memorable stage jobs.

When you’re not acting, how do you relax?

Ross: I teach and practise Krav Maga...hit the weights and play Call of Duty... ha ha ha ha

What jobs did you have prior to acting, or during periods of resting?

Ross: I still work at a medieval village, dressing up as a medieval character and doing historical tours for the public. Even though my acting career has taken off since the release of 'Da Vinci's Demons'... I still work there. It is good to keep grounded.

What is your preferred genre or do you find all equally challenging or rewarding?

Ross: I love doing historical stuff... it’s the costumes....I just love dressing up...! Wow.. that sounds so weird..!!!! ha ha ha

Other than HollyOaks, have you appeared in any dramas recently?

Ross: As I said.. I am one of the series regular in Starz productions ' Da Vinci's Demons'.

Aside from MERCS are you involved in any new projects you can share with Project: Torchwood?

Ross: I have just started filming Da Vinic's Demons Season Two.

Having interviewed Ben Loyd-Holmes recently, who to maintain his physique is involved in a lot of martial arts training etc, are you also a fitness fanatic, how do you stay so trim?

Ross: Stay away from the chocolate.... no seriously! I am a real sugar addict and that is what made me love Ben so much, he would sneak Haribo sweets onto film set in his boots! Yeah..his boots..! And we would sit at the back of the film set eating sweets..! ha ha ha I swear he was trying to get me fat.

Who was your earliest influence, the person who prompted your desire to act?

Ross: You have gotta love the 1980's action cheesy but so damn funny. So you can say that any action hero inspired me to act... But it was a sweet acting coach called Mary Bennet who taught me my craft. She got me into drama school by helping me with 'audition techniques' and she taught me a wonderful audition piece which helped me to win a scholarship from Sir John Mills.

What was the last film you went to see at the cinema?

Ross: Jack Reacher

As well as acting have you written, produced or directed any films that we might have seen, or smaller productions that were made for film festivals?

Ross: I have written a few films...but nothing made.

Does your career take you all over the country?

Ross: All over the world...which kinda annoys the wife.. ha ha ha

Are you an avid collector of stuff?  A gadget geek? 

Ross: I have a passion for weights....and gym equipment. I can't walk past the weight training equipment section in any superstore without going and touching the weights. It is a sort of wild fetish.. ha ha ha ha

Do you have a website for the fans to check up on what you’re up to, or to find out more about you?


Hazel Stanton Do you have any advice for aspiring actors and actresses?

Ross: Just stick with it. This business can sometimes feel as if you are getting nowhere, then suddenly you will get a nice little break..and the world seems to open for you.

Mickie Newton Have you ever done sci fi before?  Did your scene take long to film?
Did you enjoy working with the cast?

Ross: I did a Canadian tv series called 'Lexx' ...we filmed it in the British Virgin Isle


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