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Everything Changes – Fans Memories

Everyone has memories of the first episode of the first series of Torchwood, so what was yours?

Michelle: Jack's role evolving into a leader, much more serious and a little dark.  (Also meeting Ianto wasn't so bad either :P)

Echo Fain: favourite part:  the first dark look at Jack, a character whom I'd never seen in such light before.

Tera:  This is my top fave episode because it was the first episode that launched the whole series, & it brought Captain Jack back to our screens.

Mickie:  Jack was different to the guy in Doctor Who.  Still naughty but he'd grown as a person.  The Jack we met in Albion hospital couldn't have run Torchwood.  He needed to LIVE first!

Megan: 'Bet you ten quid they're DNA specialists.  It's all DNA these days.  Like that CSI bollocks.  CSI: Cardiff, I'd like to see that.  They'd be measuring the velocity of a kebab.'

John: Has to be when Gwen goes to the Tourist Info Office with Pizza's.

Echo:  'Well don't keep them waiting.'  In that delicious accent; thank you, Mister Jones.

Doreen: The opening scene in the rain when Captain Jack looks up at Gwen, who is secretly watching the team using the Rizzen Mitten.  This moment had caught my attention and been burnt into my memory.

Debs::  "Contraceptives in the rain, still least I won't get pregnant, not doing that again."

John:  And the drugging bit when Gwen passes out...Trying to leave notes about Torchwood.

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