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Who is Ben Loyd-Holmes?

Ben born on 28th April 1981, grew up involved in film sets from an early age, his father, a 1st Assistant Director and Second Unit Director was involved in three of the Star Wars movies.  Ben himself appeared in The Phantom Menace in 1998 as a battle droid ‘Roger Roger’, although unable to identify him from the hundred or so other droids it was the start of a career that would see him carrying more than a laser weapon in the years to come.  From soaps to tv dramas, tv commercials and movies Ben has appeared in a variety of roles, and judging by his skills he makes it look very convincing. 
     Ben has appeared in several films and dramas since 1998, in most roles he’s appeared as a soldier, such as Pvt Macintosh in Band of Brothers, a horse guard in The Other Boleyn Girl and as Spec Ops guy Pete in Torchwood: Children of Earth.
     In 2011 he played lead role as Ethan in the British horror movie The Hike (Lionsgate).  Written by Ben Loyd-Holmes and Rupert Bryan, it tells of a group of girls camping in the British Countryside where something evil is lurking in the forest and the girls have to trust each other and rely on each other before it becomes the last hike of their lives.
     At 6’ 1”, he’s athletic, muscular, speaks many dialects from Polish, American, regional English, French, Cockney/East End to Middle and Upper Class.  He’s also highly skilled in many sports including: Kickboxing, Kung Fu, Boxing, Fencing, Firearms Use, Military and Police Trained, Horse Riding – including skill at arms (sword, lance and spear), Scuba Diving, Swimming, Rock Climbing/Abseiling, Fight Choreography, Snowboarding, Driving, Running, and Cycling. 
     Project: Torchwood spoke to Ben about his role in Torchwood as Pete, the spec ops guy and about his roles in the new 007 film Skyfall and The Hike, as well as tips on maintaining a healthy body, and one or two ‘random’ questions from fans.
     Currently Ben is involved in a few new projects. 

Breaking Down - 2013 film written by Ben Loyd-Holmes and Andrew Faure and features Ben as Detective Joe Rawlins. 

When Officer Tony Jackman makes a procedural error that allows a criminal to remain at large, the night ends in a multiple murder of an innocent family.  With Detective Rawlins & Latardo on the case, Officer Jackman ashamed of a mistake that could cost him his badge, is torn between saving his career, and helping the detectives put those responsible away for life.
Thriller comes out in cinemas 12 June 2013 (UK)

He Who Dares an SAS Action film where Ben plays Steve.
“It’s the story of what happens when the prime minister’s daughter is kidnapped and the SAS team that go into an underground basement lair full of IED’s that the terrorists have fortified...” 
Released 10th January 2014 (UK)

Mercs (2013) Ben wrote and also stars in this action film as Preach
A team of Mercs are hired by an Arms Manufacturing company after a consignment of High Grade Weapons are stolen. It's a race against time as the Mercs infiltrate the rogue state. But will they find more than they bargained for?

Ben’s list of credits are extensive and certainly someone to keep an eye on, his skills with a handgun, archery and hand to hand combat show that this man knows his craft well and you can see why he fits the parts he plays.  For a list of his credits go to Ben’s website
You can also find Ben on Facebook and on Twitter

Special thanks to Ben Loyd-Holmes and for photos and info.
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