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Articles Dillon Casey by DJ Forrest

Dillon ‘Indy’ Casey
By D.J. Forrest

Up until Torchwood and aside from frequently watching ‘Being Erica’ I never knew who Dillon Casey was, but the moment his character bedded Captain Jack Harkness, suddenly he was the most sought after person on the planet.  Google search went nuts, and the sex scene with Jack and Brad went viral, and on a loop.  Many of us still have it on Tumblr.  But I wanted to know more of the actor behind the role, who he was, what else he did.

I discovered he had his own Youtube Channel and watched from start to present his ‘Living in LA’ series, where he plays himself in the continuing search for work, including ‘Gay Day’ episode 7 where he and Jamie Spilchuk – his flat mate, talk about his new role on Torchwood: Miracle Day as Brad, and the list of comments after he’d tweeted an alleged off the cuff remark on Twitter that lit the blue touch paper on After Elton.

Dillon Casey is a Canadian-American actor, born October 29, 1983 in Dallas, Texas and raised in Oakville, Ontario.  He is one third of the Casey Brothers company producing and featuring in the short films such as Captain Coulier, Shirtgun Guy and Rudy the Red Faced Bachelor to name but a few.

Dillon has a string of television credits from System Crash in 2001, Warehouse 13 – the pilot episode, (2009) ‘Being Erica (2009-2010), the ‘Vampire Diaries’ in the same year.  ‘Skins’ ‘Torchwood’ (2011) and his latest television credit as Sean Pierce in ‘Nikita’ from series 2 – April 2013.  If you haven’t seen Nikita, do.  If you recall a film back in the early 90’s called ‘Point of No Return’ featuring Bridget Fonda this would be the best description if you haven’t seen the series, and not yet bought the box-set.

Currently in production are Only I and Splinter Cell: Black List (video game).

Project: Torchwood spoke with Dillon as the afternoon sunshine streamed in through the curtains behind him, lighting up the room.  He wore a light grey or off white t-shirt and his hair was loosely ruffled. It was around 18:10 in the evening in the UK.  The conversation was light and helped to cover up the fact that I was absolutely nervous but Dillon was the perfect gentleman who talked freely and openly about his life in front of and behind the cameras.  We talked of the shows he appeared in, his scenes with John Barrowman in Miracle Day, on the set of Nikita as Sean Pierce, Only I, his training for the shows, and tips on film making.  The interview flowed well and I don’t think either of us could believe almost an hour had flown by.  It was a brilliant interview and I loved every minute of it. 

Thank you Dillon

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